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Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
Smith was having a career year. Hell he threw a TD with blurred vision, him coming out of the game resulted in a tie. Kaepernick then had one great game, and they would have lost to the Saints with him leading the team if Bree's hadnt thrown two pick sixes. They only managed 17 points off that terrible Saints defense. Now you can't go back to Smith IMO, and Kaepernick is going to get them beat. Reminds me of when Tampa gave up on Dilfer a season too soon. IMO a Dilfer led Buc's team would have beaten the Rams in the NFCCG. The guy they replaced him with wasn't even the guy who eventually won it for them.
You are 100 % correct. It's a move that a coach who believes his press clippings makes. Harbaugh is the toast of the town in SF. He well could have outsmarted himself. No matter how this comes out benching very capable Smith in favor of an unknown in a year you are a favorite to win the SB is a huge risk that effects a lot of people.
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