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Your baseball example is poor because in that case, the one side is leading. A more pertinent example would be being down in the 9th by 6/7 runs. Would you be trying to steal bases? In most cases - yes. Unless of course, you are wanting to concede the game.

The reason you don't throw up by 10 in the last 30 seconds is because you are intentionally trying to run the clock out without turning the ball over - much easier to accomplish that with a running play.

And - what is the difference between trying to smack a QB and cause a fumble on a kneel down in the waning seconds of a competitive game and trying to smack a QB and cause a fumble (possibly hurting the player) on say 3rd and 8 in the 3rd quarter of a game where the score is 24-21? Either way, you are attempting to hit the guy hard enough to jostle the ball lose.

The only way that I see Schiano is wrong on this is this way - if he starts b****ing about people doing the same thing to him.


I bet you would think differently if this weekends they hit our offensive linemen in the knees or worse manning in the same situation. It's a bs strategy that isn't going to work in the NFL and is going to cost someone their season with knee injury.
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