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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Of these choices, which one do you not want to happen the most? Rank the three in order of your choosing.

A. The Chiefs get a good coach like David Shaw and draft Geno Smith or Tyler Wilson.

-Chiefs are the worst team in the NFL in turnover ratio at -21. Matt Cassel alone is responsible for 21 turnovers, so without him the Chiefs are 16th in the NFL at 0. While Geno Smith and Tyler Wilson are not generational talents, they are an immense upgrade to Cassel/Quinn.

B. The Raiders draft Jarvis Jones

-Jarvis Jones is said to be in the same league as Von Miller as a pass rusher. Justin Houston is the last good pass rusher from Georgia and has 14.5 sacks in his last 16 games. Jones is a level higher than him. Jones has over 22 sacks the last 2 years as a starter at Georgia. He would be paired with Richard Seymour.

C. Romeo Crennel is fired/retired from the Chiefs and returns to New England.

-New England has some nice pieces on defense, but they seem to lack coaching. Romeo has always had the best game plans for Manning (as seen on Sunday). New England has not won a SB without Romeo's leadership on defense and has consistently gotten worse. Romeo would surely make that defense immensely better.
A. I'm just glad that none of the top QBs this year are in the same area code as Luck or RG3, so go ahead and lose out.

B. Whomever the raiders draft won't be good because after next year they'll be changing coaching staffs yet again. I've spent every draft day for the last 10 years worrying that the raiders would hit on an amazing player, but then JaMarcus, Gallery, Heyward-Bey and McClain don't disappoint (me).

C. Romeo can't make all those ex-players walk through that door again.

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