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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Losing will create a change in the organization. That is the #1 reason why Chief fans want to lose. Having the 1st pick is a good consolation. And the Chiefs have good pieces for a rookie QB. Charles, Bowe and a solid OL to protect him. Moeaki has proven he's a solid TE when there is decent QB play, which has been rare for the past 2 years. Chiefs have been trying to build a good team for Cassel the last 3 years. There are pieces there.

I think their offense will be much better when they get Jacoby Ford back and have some draft picks.
Never underestimate the effect of a pass rusher. Aldon Smith, Tamba Hali, Von Miller, JPP and Jared Allen have made their teams much better by their presence alone.
But you're right they won't win the West or anything. But it would be a huge building block for them to get him.
Losing is bad and sets a terrible precedence, it is hard to turn that around when a team is demoralized as bad as kFc has been this year. The guys on your team are going to remember or be reminded for the rest of their careers that they did not hold a lead in regulation until week 9. One guy is not going to turn that around, you need a new GM, FO, HC, and then hit on a very good draft with at least one once in a lifetime type player to get back to being competitive.

kFc's OL is in shambles, you are starting Russ Hockstein for gods sake!

RB's are the only bright spot on this team, That said you still have a guy like Hillis who has been terrible.

Bowe is gone after this year, there were already trade talks during the season, I don't see how they could resign him after tagging him once. Plus he sucks, he drops too many passes and runs bad routes.

As far as the rest of your squad Baldwin is a bust, Breston has been terrible on a bad team. McCluster is undersized even for the slot. You need to fill a lot of holes here including finding a #1 WR for your rookie QB.

Moeaki is avg, maybe slightly above avg if he had a good QB, You need another pass catching TE. I don't know who the other scubs are that play TE and I have watched just about every kFc game this year. One avg guy won't be enough for your Rookie QB.

How can you argue Hali makes your team better? Where was he when KM was running on him? Same for Houston. Sure Houston got a sack but he has yet to take over a game like Von Miller has.

DL is full of busts and reaches, lots of holes here to fill this offseason.

LB's are a total joke in run stuffing and coverage. DJ is playing like **** under a defensive minded HC.

CB's Flowers and Berry have been burned more than they have made plays. There is no depth at CB at all.

You guys thought kFc would compete this year, you were wrong about that, you think if you draft your pick of QB, it will solve everything, your going to find out that is not going to be the case.

A franchise that has not developed a QB since Len Dawson is going to be able to find the right QB and develop him and compete in 2013 is insanity.

If I were you I would be hoping that your team won some games at the end of the year just so the young guys get the taste of losing out of their mouths, find the best GM in football and let him make the personnel moves. If you don't get a good GM and turn over the scouting, FO, HC, and position coaches it is going to take a good 5 years to rebuild.

I can't remember a team like this years Colts that has been able to turn things around after drafting 1st overall. The Colts hit on a can't miss prospect, there are none of those in this years draft, they also drafted well in the rest of the rounds and have gotten great production out of a lot of those guys. It is hard to count on Rookies making the transistion to the NFL.

Face it your team is the worst in the league and it is going to take a long time and a lot of things to go right before anyone is concerned about them any time soon.
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