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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
yeah, except they've been saying this since week 3. sometimes the coin just lands heads ten times in a row, what are you going to do?

it's also not entirely luck based. we've had people in prime position fall on the ball and not find a way to come up with it. at some point you just have to say that these guys suck at securing the ball.
Yes thank you. It's been utterly disgusting at how many time a Broncos player was in the correct spot, has the ball for a moment, and could not come up with the ball. Many times it wasn't even a player from the other team knocking it away, just a pure blunder by the Broncos player trying to recover the ball. I think the worst of these was the blunder by Franklin. Nobody around him at all. He does the right thing and does not try to pick up the ball. He falls down to the ground and tries to gather the ball and.....well we know the rest.

I mentioned this very thing a few weeks back when I saw a stat that showed the Broncos fumble recovery rate isn't just the worst in the league this year, it's among the worst in history.

Let's hope this gets fixed because we can't be -3 in the turnover battle. If we even recover half of the balls we should have we would be something like +6 or something.
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