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Great listen as always guys, glad to have it back. The three week break was unacceptable, let's not have that happen again shall we?!

Can't believe nobody mentioned how well we played against the Saints when Rev was talking about how a lot of our defensive turnaround is due to the schedule. I don't doubt that playing poorer opposition helps, but I think we'd do a lot better against Houston and New England if we played them again.

The Houston game we had multiple blown assignments in the secondary that led to huge plays. We haven't seen much of that since the bye, I think the players have gotten more comfortable in the scheme now and that's allowing us to avoid major mental errors.

New England's gameplan was basically to exploit how dumb Joe Mays is. They killed us by running the ball down our throats all game, I think we'd be better prepared for the hurry-up offense next time around.

On that note, maybe that was why we used the nickel a lot against Kansas despite them being a running team. Odds are that if we meet the Pats again we'll need to stop the run with our nickel defense, perhaps Fox and Del Rio were using this game to experiment a little and see how the unit can stand up to a team running the ball at them a lot?

Anyway, great job as always guys.
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