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Originally Posted by Action View Post
Mays couldn't find a way to make a tackle or rarely be in position to make a tackle. McClain has talent.

McClain played in a 3-4 defense in college so he should be accustomed to shedding blockers as our defensive system requires.

McClain is younger than Brooking and obviously more physically talented... but Brooking is a smart and savy vet who knows where to be.

But like J.D. Walton, you have to ask yourself... what happens if Brooking get's hurt? DJ? Steven Johnson?
I've found myself reading a couple of raiders boards over the last couple months and everything they say about him is bad. Literally they say the same thing about McClain as you just did about Mays!

Allen got the best season of his career out of Mays last year. So much that PFF (I'm not a huge believer in them) gave him one of the highest grades for a run stopping MLB. McClain on the other hand is playing like hot garbage. Yes he is more talented then our guys but his level of play isn't so there is no upside. I do trust JDR and Fox and would support them if they felt they could salvage his career. I just won't hold my breath though.
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