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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Harbaugh isn't the type of coach that would even tolerate a locker room split. Players have been interviewed over the last week or so on Bay Area radio and every one is on board with Kaep. They feel Alex was holding them back. "Multi dimensional" offense was used by several players. Alex is an Orton. The only way Alex would've stayed as starter in SF is if he won the Super Bowl. The FO doesn't think he can. He's gone before they owe that 7 mil bonus.
Harbaugh sounds like an over-the-top ego. That may work in college but not in the NFL. Like I said, if the team wins, fine. I'm sure Harbaugh will continue to garner the respect of the players. However, if the team struggles then I think it--might--come back to haunt him.

Fact is, the Niners are loaded with talent. Much of that talent was there before Harbaugh became the HC. All I'm saying is that his personality may rub some players the wrong way if the team starts to struggle.
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