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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
I would love to see more of just what you remember for what is considered a comeback. Many QBs have the same situation considering a comeback. Also, you give us the splits for Plummer on downs situations but what is it with some of his peers? If it is 3rd and 10, good chance we are passing and the defense is playing in a nickel to thwart it. Now on 1st and 10, defenses don't quite know for certain what is coming at them. Play action works well in these situations and QBs should be having a better rating in these situations. I am just smelling more of a hater than actual facts and figures to back this up.

That's fine with me. I've been through this argument a billion times, and a billion times there is always someone who is willing to say that all of Plummer's problems in dealing with pressure were on everyone else, explain why his multitude of turnovers in playoff games weren't his fault, and praise the guy for not being Brian Griese. Whatever you want to say about circumstantial evidence, Jake Plummer was bad under pressure. The evidence was there for anyone who wanted to see it in the books, but manifested itself in with wide open once he had a young buck behind him and he folded his tent and quit the league.
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