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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Yes and No. Maybe it's an overstatement that Brady 'made' the Pats a contender that year. In all honesty they were pretty lucky to win it all that year. They were far from dominant. And for the most part they won with defense.

On the other hand, Brady's stats were inarguably better than Bledsoe's in 2000. 86 to 77 passer rating. 64 to 59% completion. More TD's. Less INT's.

And most importantly, Drew had just led the team to two more losses to open the season following a 5-11 season the year before. Comparing the 8-2 damn-near NFC Champs to the 2001 Patriots is silly in nearly every conceivable way.
He had one more TD and one less int! Really? Yeah that was what put them over the edge!
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