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I don't watch much Niner football I will admit, but for a guy to be 5th in passer rating, 1st in completion %, 4th in yards per...I just don't see how anyone can say he doesn't deserve to be the starter again.

Sure he hasn't thrown for a lot of yards but he wasn't playing poorly...he was playing like a top ten QB this year.

I have nothing against Kaepernick at all, I truthfully don't care about anyone on that team but I just cannot see how this is fair to Smith. Like Tombstone said, this is a gamble.
Those stats have more to do with Harbaughs genius at QB development than Smith. He never put him in risky situations. Short dink and dunks are what he's good at. Playing with the lead. Managing by not turning over the ball. Yards per are skewed with YACs. Their TEs WRs and RBs rank among the best in YACs. I think I've seen more than several screen passes resulting in 15-20 yards.
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