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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
That's one game. Saints suck on the road and I put up alot of money in Vegas based on that. SF is a Super Bowl caliber team at every position except QB. Kaep brings dimesional that Alex can't. 7 years is long enough to know Alex's first read is a check down.
I don't watch much Niner football I will admit, but for a guy to be 5th in passer rating, 1st in completion %, 4th in yards per...I just don't see how anyone can say he doesn't deserve to be the starter again.

Sure he hasn't thrown for a lot of yards but he wasn't playing poorly...he was playing like a top ten QB this year.

I have nothing against Kaepernick at all, I truthfully don't care about anyone on that team but I just cannot see how this is fair to Smith. Like Tombstone said, this is a gamble.
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