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Chef's are so far from being relevant I don't care what they do. They already hit bottom so any kind of move would be an improvement.

Ask me in 3 years if I am concerned about what kFc does. It cracks me up why you guys think losing for a high pick is a good thing. You still have to get a guy who can play QB at the NFL level and then develop him and put guys around him to help him out. Out side of a couple RB's you have nothing on the Offensive side of the ball.
Losing will create a change in the organization. That is the #1 reason why Chief fans want to lose. Having the 1st pick is a good consolation. And the Chiefs have good pieces for a rookie QB. Charles, Bowe and a solid OL to protect him. Moeaki has proven he's a solid TE when there is decent QB play, which has been rare for the past 2 years. Chiefs have been trying to build a good team for Cassel the last 3 years. There are pieces there.

The Raiders getting a pass rusher is also trivial, they can't pass defend or stop the run, and their O is terrible. One dude is not going to make that big an impact. They are also in a rebuild that will take them 3-5 years. They need a QB to groom as well.
I think their offense will be much better when they get Jacoby Ford back and have some draft picks.
Never underestimate the effect of a pass rusher. Aldon Smith, Tamba Hali, Von Miller, JPP and Jared Allen have made their teams much better by their presence alone.
But you're right they won't win the West or anything. But it would be a huge building block for them to get him.
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