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Sanchez isn't very good, but he's just part of the problem there.

They don't have a legitimate pass-rusher and with Reevis out, their secondary has been exposed.

They took a big hit on the O-Line and their "power" running game has fizzled.

Sanchez lost his best receiver and no one has stepped up. Except for opposing defensive backs who are stepping up to grab the INTs.

Add in all the media scrutiny they invite (as if being in that market wasn't bad enough to begin with).

If Tebow hadn't had damaged ribs, I think they might have given him a shot last week. But I don't think anyone could do much with that team right now.

The funny thing is that they have a pretty soft schedule from here on out and could still stumble to three more wins - just enough to drop them out of prime drafting position.

It would be a really sad situation if I gave a damn.
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