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I've seen every niner game for 2 years now. The niners are an SB contender despite Smith. When they play from behind their hands are tied. Smith simply does not throw it downfield. 7 years of it. It took him around 4 games this year to actually put the ball in the air more than 20 yards. 92 pass attempts and only 2 were in the air more than 20 yards. He's a one dimesional game manager. An Orton who doesn't turn it over. Niners just got even better.
I've never been a huge Smith fan or anything. But an elite team built around a crushing defense shouldn't be switching late-season from any decent 'game managing' QB to a kid who up until a few weeks ago (when Smith got hurt) had a grand total of 14 NFL passing attempts.

And as soon as you can show me an Orton end-of-game performance that looks anything like the end of the 9ers Saints playoff game last year, let me know.
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