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Pat Bowlen

I guess C is the worst.

I don't care if the Raiders get a pass rusher like Jarvis Jones. They had Seymour in his prime and we dealt with it. They said Vernon Gholston was going to be awesome too. It would be interesting if Jones was as good as advertised and he, Miller and Houston, a poor man's Miller, were all in the same conference. Other teams have good players. I'm over that.

The Chiefs getting a good coach would actually be welcome. I think the AFC West is better football when the Chiefs aren't awful. I don't particularly care for any of the QB prospects this year and don't think any of them would be any good if they have any potential until a few years since they are all projects.

Crennell going back to New England would suck because it would give the Patriots a defense and they would be primed for another run. So "C" is my choice.
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