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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Yeah, ive heard a bunch of stories about him squashing anyone who tries to get in on his power. Not to mention, the free tix and such.

I used to go to Jets games in the 1980's (he was around, but it was pre-fireman), but there was a guy in a klecko jersey that used to lead the chant on the other side of the field. That poor guy got nothing! Anyone from the tri-state area remember him? He used to wave a towel to signal the cheer was coming
Sounds a lot like The Leprauchan for Denver but I hope to God Broncos never give that Jackhole anything of value as his most prized asset for himself is being shown on the big screen. Makes me miss Barrel Man more and more. Great guy and was about being a great fan and making everyone have that home field advantage feeling.
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