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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Twice as many in Arizona. And the comebacks he registered with us are primarily "one score" comebacks, or "keep pace" comebacks. When I think of a comeback, I think of being down by two scores and managing to "come back" and win.

Here's an example:

Being down 23-24 in the third quarter, and then scoring in the 4th to pull ahead and win isn't really what I consider a comeback. That's what most of these "comebacks" are.

More to the point, we couldn't get down two scores with Plummer and expect him to pull the game out. Pressure was too high in that situation.

Just look at his splits:

On first and second down, he throws close to 60%. On third downs, he doesn't even break 50%. When he's down by one score his QB rating is 111.0. When he's down by two or more, his QB rating was 44.2 - a huge drop off in performance.
I would love to see more of just what you remember for what is considered a comeback. Many QBs have the same situation considering a comeback. Also, you give us the splits for Plummer on downs situations but what is it with some of his peers? If it is 3rd and 10, good chance we are passing and the defense is playing in a nickel to thwart it. Now on 1st and 10, defenses don't quite know for certain what is coming at them. Play action works well in these situations and QBs should be having a better rating in these situations. I am just smelling more of a hater than actual facts and figures to back this up.
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