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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
A man after my own heart! I see you're a fan of Stepfan as well. The good thing about him is that he's an all around back. He's a north/south bowling ball of a runner and just a flat-out excellent pass blocker. Plus, like you said, he's got great hands. He's almost a custom-made Fox/Manning type RB. I prefer Skov at MLB. Even with the DUI, he's just such a leader in the lockerroom and on the field. The guy plays with total intensity at all times. He calls the Ds. He's the team leader. If he doesn't go back for another year after his knee rehabs, I hope he's the pick. It will be very interesting to see who's still on the board when the Broncos pick at 32.
I think Spephan is also a Fox kind of back. A close 2nd is Gillisee from FLA, who also is very much the same type of back, but i think after playing in Harbaughs offense for so long, and now Clays offense, Taylor is just NFL ready day 1 and its obvious when you watch him run.
Hes a plug and play player day 1 and he will net DEN huge results right away.

Skov has big time downsides now. He really has lost all explosion, and will really have to prove himself all over again at the combine. We will see.....
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