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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
There goes that fantasy logic again.

What don't you people understand. Team don't spend millions and millions to sign a player because they think said player could help another team. Especially a player like this, who is on the fast decline in terms of production. I can just hear it now. John Elway says to Bowlen "Hey lets sign this guy for millions. I doubt he will get on the field much for us because he really really sucks bad against the run, even Doom is much better against the run then this guy, and honestly, his sacks numbers are absolutely horrible and he's not getting good pressure either, not to mention he was released for attitude problems, so in the end I don't think he can help us much at all, but there is a remote chance he might be able to help the Patriots by getting 2 sacks the rest of the year".

Good grief people - use your brains. Teams DON'T sign players to keep them away from other teams. It DOES NOT work that way. Ahh well, maybe if some of us here say enough times, it might get through those thick skulls.
The yankees used to do it
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