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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Manning should take a long shot to DT the first time the Broncos touch the ball.
I would love to see Manning HIT a deep shot on the first series.

However, Manning seems to not get his accuracy down until he has had about a quarter of action. I believe that is at least part of the reason we have so many slow starts, and why we have turned the ball over so much ( usually in the first half). Most of Mannings picks have been 1st quarter. When the D can't get the other team off the field early on Manning tends to check down more also. His pressing early is a bad thing, since it usually leads to a 3 and out, early in games.

I'd rather they use some underneath stuff, easy quick throws early until PM gets his rythym. That requires the run game be somewhat productive early on to set up PA for the Deep throws.

Our O-line has got to control the line of scrimmage early on to allow PM the comfort level he has to have to "settle". We will need a better performance this week than the one we had against KC.
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