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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I think Doom sucks against the run and Ayers is much better so the solution is play Ayers on obvious running downs.
Against New England's no-huddle, Dumervil would never play, which isn't smart...

When you play your SLB on the line everytime, like the Broncos do with Von, you only leave yourself 2 LB's. The Broncos have tried to offset this imbalance, by shifting both of their LB's to the right side of the Defense. The Chiefs were able to effectively block both Woodyard and Brooking.

You also have to remember that Jamal Charles runs a 4.38.

Stevan Ridley (Patriots) runs 4.65, so won't be able to get to the outside nearly as fast as Charles did. Remember, Woodhead (who also runs a 4.38) is the RB who kept picking up long 3rd down conversions against the Broncos.

Giving up 7 yards a pop to Charles shows improvement to giving up 19 yards a pop against Woodhead.
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