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C J Anderson

Through the years, many a defensive coordinator in the NFL has lamented the two worst things you can give Peyton Manning: the lead and time to throw.
If he has both, it's pretty much a done deal, as seen in one 10-win season stacked up on another over the course of his career. Manning had nine consecutive 10-win seasons in his last nine years as a starter in Indianapolis. He is headed for a 10-plus-win season in his first year with the Broncos.
It comes to light because the Buccaneers are a defensive team that invites the pass with an engraved football.
The Bucs are No. 1 against the run in the league but last against the pass. Some teams have struggled to run it against the Buccaneers, and some teams haven't bothered

Peyton Manning is ranked No. 2 in this week's Tuesday Morning QB rankings. (Denver Post file)
to try all that much because they don't have to.
The Buccaneers have surrendered 51 pass plays this season of at least 20 yards. That's a temple-rubbing number for any defensive coordinator. Four teams have had at least six completions of 20 yards or more in games against the Buccaneers this season.

Read more: Peyton Manning, Broncos should go big with the pass vs. Bucs defense - The Denver Post
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