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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Another OMane myth.
Indeed, People get stuck on the final yard totals. Hard to have a ton of yards when you've only gotten 20+ carries 8 times in your career. On the other side he has averaged 4+ yards per carry in 18 games. (he averages 4.2 in the games he got 20+ carries in, same as his career ypa actually).

If he maintained a 4.2 average and averaged 20 carries he'd be a 1300-1400 yard back, and that is purely rushing the ball. Get him a few catches a game, which he excels at, and you are looking at 1700-2000 all purpose yards.

All that is based purely on his actual performance stats. Not superstar worthy, which is what people still expect, but a damn productive back still.
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