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Hmm I thought once after deadline you have to clear waivers. Orton was claimed last year by KC how long has he been in the league?
You're exactly right

An NFL player may be waived by his current team for reasons of performance or declining skill. Anytime a player is waived between Feb. 1 and the trade deadline (the end of the sixth week of the NFL season), the player is free to negotiate a new contract with any team. However, if a team waives the player after the trade deadline, he is subject to the waiver claim process--by reverse order of the NFL standings. Any player claimed in this capacity is granted additional rights based on whether he has a no-trade provision in the player contract. A player with a no-trade provision may become an unrestricted free agent immediately following that season. A player without a no-trade provision may become an unrestricted free agent following the next subsequent season. If a player without a no-trade provision is signed only through the current season, he may also declare for free agency immediately after the season.
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