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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
You realize Apple is primarily used by liberals. You are going to lose your conservative card and be forced to vote Democrat if you don't sell those liberal kiddie toys and buy an old IBM PS2 ASAP.
My first computer was a sinclair7. That meant I had a whooping 7K to use.
Graduated to Vic 20 which was a huge upgrade, commodore 64, then moved into the hard stuff 256 IBM clone whose name I forgot but it had about a 7 inch screen.

From there to a IBM with a 10 mega byte hard drive on to the bigger 20mb.

I learned DOS way back and did not like my friends "toy" Mac.

Had a bunch of high end Dell units toshiba laptops. Then I saw a demo on a Mac book pro when my daughter went to college. And that was the end of windows based units.

I currently have two Big MACs one in storage as it is to big for my desktop. It does have windows and most of the business programs loaded on it but since i retired no longer need them. When I got my 21" iMac also got a top end airport for my router and backup.
I use my iPad do do most of my email and forum stuff. As it resides in the library and bedroom.

I'm no longer a power user like I was when I was in business so just use them for basics.

But I love my apple products. Looking to trade in my iPhone 4 for the 5.

Would never see myself going back to windows and all the hassles with viruses they seem to get.

Let's just say I'm ahead of the conservative curve.

Btw I'm a registered democrat. I'm a free thinker unlike some of the DUMOCRATs on here.

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