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I'm not sure this is coached... as that is obviously not the design of the play. Again, taken the element of time, and the view, the oline was pushing towards the sidelines. Look at where Franklin is when Hillman gets the ball, and then a few steps later on the next picture.

Yes, possibly in the future he'll be able to read this quicker, but the point he is that it wasn't the design of the play and I've honestly rarely seen any of our RBs bounce out. I almost want to believe they're coached to stay disciplined and behind their blockers.
I hope they aren't being coached that way. Great RBs have good vision and quick reaction to different lanes. That would digress a back if he was told not to look for different avenues. You are right none of the backs react or adapt. It's so much different watching an Arian foster or Peterson.
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