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I haven't yet seen the big play potential we were sold on when he was brought in... usually guys like this will show flashes even if they are raw but I haven't seen that. Just seems undersized and slow for being 185. Haven't been impressed so far.
Saints game he had carries of 31 and 24 yards.

Raiders game he had a 29 yard reception that was mostly on foot.

Chargers game he had carries of 21 yards and 19 yards. Also a reception of 12 yards mainly on foot.


Ray Rice: outside of runs of 43 and 37, he's not had a run over 18 yards... and that's as being the starting RB with a lot of carries. Ronnie has had 4 carries of 18+ yards this season on 52 carries.

Ronnie is all on limited opportunities... if you watch the games you'd see he's just randomly stuck in there and the blocking isn't great most the time.

Hillman ran a 4.4... he's not as fast as a CJ or a Charles, but he's still fast.

Hillman was also highly graded for his vision which was great in college.
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