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So hopefully this gives a better picture of how Ronnie played.

There are so many reports of his pass blocking struggles at this point, but none of it is on game film. I can't remember a time where he screwed up anything in pass blocking recently. He had another great block during the Cinci game I believe.

So if his pass blocking is a huge reason he's not playing, it must be because he's not showing it in practice.

The Broncos oline haven't been blocking too great, and I've noticed that when Ronnie Hillman gets his carries, it's usually not much to work with...not just this game.

I say Broncos need some more outside runs too but that's on McCoy and the staff.

Bunch of naysayers about Hillman but he's really not given much to work with and barely gets any carries to get into rhythm. I don't know if McCoy believes in rhythm as he did the same to Tebow last year (not calling plays to get him into rhythm).

I also read on here that Hillman runs from passing formations so his YPC should be higher... this is laughable.

The Broncos as a team have been running out of "passing formations" most the time. When is the last time you remember them running out of a heavy set at the LOS? Outside of goal line of course.

It also doesn't matter what formations the Broncos are running out of without taking into account what the defense is playing. So this logic of running out of passing formations = higher YPC is ridiculous.

Ronnie Hillman 3 carries... how can you even judge the guy? But so many here seem to be so disappointed...

The Omane
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