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Ben Garland

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I suspect you aphave selective memory.

While Jake did not have a stellar game. Having an OL that could not block for the running game, which had all year opened up the passing game with play fakes.

I remember seeing the Blitzers in the backfield sometimes before Jake had a chance to get there himself.

I remember Ben setting a record during the game for 3rd down conversions.

I remember PIT Having almost a 14 minute TOP advantage.

I remember PIT coaches completely out coaching the mastermind.

I remember Jake almost being the rushing leader that day and getting sacked and harassed all day.

I remember about the only player on O that was still trying to win the game late in the game was Jake.

Dick Leabuea kicked Mikey's ass that day and mikey had no adjustments to counter with.

But hey for you cutlet fans I'm sure you forgot some of those things.
just about how i remember it too.
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