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There is a reply to the original IAOFM post in he comments section (see below) - the analysis is incorrect. When the Chiefs range ball, the majority of the time the Broncos were in base D - not a nickel.

I stand by my earlier comment that the Broncos were not in a nickel package with disregard to the KC running game - they were definitely playing the run.

If I use your same analysis, but on actual KC running plays (per PFF), you see a 3.9 average Bronco defensive lineman in the game (and higher LB, lower DB averages).

Tony Carter played the least % of total defensive snaps since he established himself in the SD game (46%). Plus he was only on the field 10 times when the Chiefs actually ran the ball (only 1/3 of his total time). This is not a coincidence, the Broncos played for the run.

Not trying to be a jerk, as I really like your site - and am a long time Bronco fan. If you watch the game, you will see the base defense on the key drives the chiefs ran the ball.

Not saying it is panic time, but we will need better run d performance in the playoffs.
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