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What is everybody seeing in Luck this season that is makin everbody say he is great already that I am not seeing? He is a leader and has brought up the level of play around him, but statistically he is mediocre. Tebow did the same thing last year. Mediocre stats but won games with a not extremely talented team but he wasn't a great QB.

13 TD, 13INT, 8 Fumbles, 56.8 comp %, 76.7 QBR
Luck is:
- 7th in yards
- 4th in QBR
- playing behind a fairly crappy Oline, on a fairly crappy team, under new coaches
- a rookie
- currently #1 in yardage by any rookie in NFL history
- currently has the 2nd best rookie record in NFL history

Yes, some of his stats are medicore, but far from all of them.
Besides, have you watched him? He looks like a real, normal pocket QB. Tebow did not whatsoever. Mechanically, Luck looks great.
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