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Chris Harris

Calm down francis. He got his comparison data from and had you actually know you, READ THE ****ING ARTICLE you'd know this.
Each week, thanks to play-by-play game dissection by, I'll look at one important matchup or individual performance metric from one of the Sunday games.
Originally Posted by chickennob2 View Post
Peter King is such a lazy POS.

Really, Peter? You're going to address Von's coverage by saying that it's "seen as a weakness"? By who? Oh, "he's average", huh? Tell me about the film study you did to determine this. Tell me about the weaknesses in his coverage ability that you've uncovered. Oh, you can't? Is that because you have no idea what you're talking about? Well that's fine, that's not your job. Oh wait, that is your job?

Go **** yourself Peter King.
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