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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Well, they did give up three first round picks for him. I imagine any team could have gotten him if they would have offered more and you know what? If he stays healthy he is worth it.

The Skins two starting DEs are out for the season a long wiht other injuries but the offense is rolling. Shanahan will get one more year, I believe, unless for some reason the players do not like him then I could see him being ousted.

I think he is at the point where he has to improve every year or he is out. So He needs 7-9 or better this year and he will need to better tthan hat next year. They are a fun team to watch and RGIII is the perfect QB for Shanahan's system.

I can see why some people might think Shanahan is overrated but I do not see why people are rooting against him?
I dont root against him as I hate the Cowboys and Giants. I actually liked Redskins back to when they had old Billy Kilmer. He spent a lot to get RG3 and he better find a way to improve that defense or it is Broncos circa 2008 all over again. I believe that QB is worth it and should do well if Shanny has it still for Offense. It is the other side of the ball that can kick his teeth in again and would be the reason for a firing. I do believe he deserves another year but this year better get better and next year better be near the top of the NFC. So many teams are better than his right now. He better aim for 10 wins next season or the fans will be (more) restless.
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