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Originally Posted by boltaneer View Post
Yeah, Bulger crumbled because of injuries.

That hasn't happened to Rivers (yet). Same style of offense though. I hope whoever comes in, installs a new type of offense. The Coryell offense was innovative and great in the day but I think it's time to move on as the NFL changes.
Rivers hasn't missed games, it doesn't mean he isn't getting physically abused.

Bulger's problem wasn't the injuries taking away physical talent, it was all the hits and the collapsing pockets making him hear footsteps from all sides and play like who knows he's about to get hit all the time.

A lot like Rivers is currently playing, FYI.

That is a hard thing to unlearn once it's been (literally) beaten into you. Rivers hasn't taken the shellacking Bulger did in terms of both duration of inferior OL play and actual hits, but damage has clearly been done. He's talented enough to where his chances to bounce back are greater than most, but what will he bounce back to? What is the new ceiling for Rivers? He's getting older at the same time here, keep that in mind. 31 or 32 year old Phillip Rivers isn't going to be able to do quite the same things that 28 year old Phillip Rivers could.

You've got to protect aging QBs if you want them to age with any grace at all. The Chargers aren't doing that at all with Rivers. He could be leading the league in passing right now and the current level of protection he gets would still be an ominous sign of things to come.
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