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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
He was 39-15 as a starter for the Broncos. You and I must define "winner" very differently.

Now Brodie Croyle. HE was never a winner.
I totally define it different than you

Winners win big games, winners win championships. Winners win games they should lose based on the stats. In football, winners make the team better and are not caretakers. They make everyone around them better and more self confident that they will win because of that player.

That was Never Jake Plummer in DEN. Instead, we won a lot of games despite him. We lost a lot of games we should have won, because he failed to play well under pressure. He never played well in any playoff game for DEN. Not one. In fact, he severely underperformed.

If he ever mastered the mental part of football, I truly believe he was Hall of Fame bound. However, he never learned how to perform under pressure in DEN. He never did the little things to get better. Mike Never trusted him to read defenses presnap and make audibles. The few times he did, he blew it huge in the red zone and turned the ball over. That is the difference in being mentally prepared like Peyton Manning and not like Plummer.

That team performed well above its natural talent level, but not because their QB was driving it. Jake, like Ben Roethlisberger, gets a good reputation because he had a stellar team effort around him that looks better. Put Ben or Jake on those marginal teams and their Winning % would be around mediocre at best. They are not the drivers of their fate. Look how close those PIT losses are without Ben. The team keeps them in it all game long without him.
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