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Malik Jackson

Jake Plummer. Sheesh.

I never had more expectations for a guy than I did Plummer in DEN. Plummer did have all the tools of Joe Montana and he was a lot more mobile. The thing against Jake was he refused to take it seriously. He was extremely talented, but he did not work at it. I truly thought if he got a chance to work with Shanahan to see how good he could be and see how hard the best worked at their craft not only would he get better, he would become better than Steve Young at his peak with SF and approaching that level of play Montana was able to get under Walsh. I was extremely happy he came to DEN.

Then it happened. He just did enough to get by. With no real QB behind him on the roster, he coasted. He gave his all on the field, and he is a natural competitor. However, he was never a winner. He neglected the one thing that makes the difference at that level and that is mental preparation and physical repetitions. While the current DEN QB ate, lived, and breathed Football, Jake was out playing the part. He was active in all kinds of things, but getting better as a player every day. He rarely stayed and threw after practice with the WR's and TE's. He was rarely there late going over film and talking with his coaches. And, he did not take playing QB in this league seriously.

In short, like so many other NFL players with Potential, he wasted the hell out of his talent. And he did it to my team. I took it very personally at the time. I had some great arguments with popps and others over his lack of production in big games. It was one reason I really got interested in doing what I do today.

No one welcomed him more loudly than me, and no one was his worst critic at the end when he showed such utter disdain for the team in my eyes. I wish him the best though, he is a pretty solid dude off the field. I just wish we all could have seen the fruits of his labor if he ever gave it his all instead of his just good enough.
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