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Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post
When is the last time in years have you seen our offense struggle like it has? Its because of the awful OL. Yes Rivers has been making bad decisions and imo he is trying to hard to make plays whe he shouldnt be throwing some passes. He didnt do that yesterday and didnt have any INT's. Made good decisions but again, he was harrassed all day long.
I'd agree that Rivers' problems have more to do with the OL, the receivers, lack of a running game, and inability to win field position battles on defense than with his own sudden inability to play football.

But you know what, the same could have been said for Marc Bulger not so long ago in his time with the Rams. He was a standout QB for a few years, then the greatest show on turf crew started to retire one by one and Bulger started taking a lot of hits. He never returned to what he used to be, even for the infrequent years when the Rams OL wasn't horrible and when Jackson was an elite RB.

What Chargers fans need to be concerned with isn't whether Rivers is the problem or not. You guys should be worried about how many years the beating Rivers has taken the last couple years has shaved off the prime of his career. He's almost 31 years old. Every statistical analysis pegs the athletic peak of most athletes as the years between 27-31. Rivers is on the wrong side of that now and has spent the last two years getting used and abused. I wouldn't be so quick to bet that simply improving the deficiencies around him will suddenly return him to his peak performances of old.

Best path forward for the Chargers if you ask me is to look for an elite feature back and get back to a commitment on defense. They aren't replacing Rivers any time soon but he's also probably not returning to perennial pro-bowl contender levels any time real soon either. Another person who can single handedly put up points is needed, and in today's NFL if you do that via the running game you need to supplement the slower rate of scoring v. passing offenses with a strong D.
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