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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
I'll have to dig through my archives one of these days and post pics of Jake's first day of training camp. Things were so dark in Denver after the Griese ere you could hardly find a fan wearing a Broncos hat on the streets. That's no BS!

All of you internet haters don't understand how bad it was.

Then in comes Jake Plummer. First day of camp the crowd erupts. The crowd suddenly has playoff aspirations. The collective chant of "Superbowl! Superbowl! Superbowl!" explodes from the crowd! Jake is pumping his arm in the air leading the crowd!

Mile High becomes magical again. Tailgating scene is rocking! Broncos are suddenly thrust into the playoff picture year after year with a climax of the AFC West Championship game.

Screw the haters. The city of Denver, the fans at the Stadium appreciated what Jake brought to our city. It was called winning!
Iirc his last game with AZ was at mile high or one of the last ones. I seem to remember the announcers toward the end of the game were saying the crowd was in unison chanting Jake Jake.

It was the start of a love affair with the kid. I know during the game I was thinking this kid has heart and never quit.
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