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I think you give Shanny 1 more year. Based on his past...and on RGIII. I think it would be a mistake not to.

Here are my thoughts on Shanny:

1. He takes over a mediocre Denver Squad and wins 2 Championships in 4yrs (should have been 3..Jax)
2. He tries Griese...then, signs Plummer...he goes to a AFC title game..
3. He starts over, drafts Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, Hillis, Hixon, Kuper...and reboots
4. He gets 1.5yrs...has the #1 rated offense in the NFL...and is fired
5. He goes to WA...gets Grossman....then drafts RGIII...who is a rookie
6. At least give the guy a 3rd year with a 2nd year with RGIII
7. Give Shanny 4-5yrs with any top-tiered QB and look out!!!

***I will always believe Bowlen (dick head Joe Ellis) pulled the plug prematurely...had Shanny received 1 more draft/free agent period to improve the defense and give Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, Hillis one more year....youch!
Add in Shanny starts defense in his last year in Denver that most of players are out of the league after the year and not on another team.

Shanny loses the real brains to his operation Gary Kubiak who has had great success without him. Shanny not so much without Kubiak.
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