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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
I don't care what he did in Arizona. When he played for the Broncos, there wasn't a big game he didn't manage to choke on. Some guys have it, some guys dont. Plummer had a lot of heart, but he couldn't manage the pressure, and eventually cracked his way out of the league. I'm glad for the guy - he's got a hell of a great life now. And I'll give him some credit as well - he pulled the Broncos out of a dark place and gave people hope again, even if it was short lived.
IIRC he had a lousy winning record in AZ, and a lot of those comebacks were in DEN. Not going to look it up but if anyone wants to fine by me.

But I'm pretty sure he was getting close to JOHNs number of saves.

So beleive what you will, I'd take heart and hustle over a another Jeff George any day. That we're the choices after Gary left, whom in a lot of folks minds was really getting the job done as OC.
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