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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
As for that pick thrower, as you call him. ..after setting down with Kubes in the offseason before the championship run in 05. He was near the NFL record at the time for passes between picks..

He had the lowest pick number of his career and had a career year.

BTW his number of (7) picks was lower than anyone in the top 20 that year.
yes, jake plummer didn't throw picks for the same reason alex smith doesn't toss interceptions today (and still found a seat on the bench): he wasn't allowed to. if mike and gary put together a gameplan in which jake plummer was to drop back in the pocket and throw it 40 times a game, he would have thrown 30 picks. they maximized the one thing he was able to do (roll out, read half the field), plopped him behind the best running game in the NFL, and literally took everything else out of the playbook. hence, liability.
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