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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
It went something like this:

Plummer was a terrible big game quarterback. I really hoped a lot out of him, but when it came to big games where we HAD to have a win, the pressure got to the guy. And it showed up in spades once he had Cutler riding on his shoulder. Plummer isn't cut out for stress. He'll tell you as much himself if you bother to read between the lines of what he says.
Iirc he held the record for come back games, in the fourth quarter. Hardly something that chokers manage to do.

As for cutlet what did you expect him to do. Kubes left his buffer between Jake and mikey. When he left mikey brought in his college room mate IIRC to run a drop back passing style offense, even though the OL was not designed for it.
Mikey did not even have the guts to call Jake to tell him they were drafting cutlet, he had to learn of it from a reporter calling to get his reaction.

The guy had a career year and gets the triple whammy from his HC..

Sure fire way to build trust and a relationship.

But then Jake did retire taking one more thing form the broncos besides all the star money mikey threw at hi each time he needed cap relief.p, that would be one of their cheerleaders. Jake laughed all the way to the bank in Idaho with his wife.
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