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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
ok, I get it. the root of your shanahan hate was his benching of the pick throwing handball player. good to know.
Not at all. My dislike for mikey the GM started in about 03 when I started looking at his pathetic personnel decisions whether it be UFA, the DAFT in his case or coaching moves.

As for that pick thrower, as you call him. ..after setting down with Kubes in the offseason before the championship run in 05. He was near the NFL record at the time for passes between picks..

He had the lowest pick number of his career and had a career year.

BTW his number of (7) picks was lower than anyone in the top 20 that year.

Sounds like your jealous of a guy that walked away from the game, a very rich man with his hot girlfriend and now plays handball because he loves the sport.

But then that was how I read your post.
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