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Default OOh Rah!

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
This past weekend my book sold out for the FOURTH time.

For some perspective, that's more sell outs than months it's been available.

Needless to say, this is crushing my, and obviously my publisher's, expectations. More importantly, this kind of impact means it'll go a LONG ways towards the charity WE (yes, WE. Every purchase made this a "we") support, the Children of Fallen Patriots.

Anyway, thanks again to all. Your kind words and PMs about what you enjoyed and the emotions you shared with me while reading have obviously meant a lot. More than most of you will ever know, so for one last time:

Thank you all.

I'm so happy for you Leather Nuts. I haven't put my order in yet due to time but I know several of the dudes I network with have picked it up.

EDIT: Just Picked it up on Kindle....

I've heard nothing but positive things from people I don't know and their comments not worthy of repeating other than, "buy it, it's good, support a Leatherneck" sort of comments.

It doesn't surprise me that it's roll'n like it is just because of your demeanor and approach to communication and speaking to the things that you know with true Corps value. It also doesn't hurt that the Marine Corps has many fans internationally for being the finest fighting force in history. Congrats my man. I couldn't be more proud.

Semper Fi


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