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Of course he's regressed. No QB would be successful behind this line, especially a pocket passer like Rivers.

Look at how Vick has regressed this year. Not that he was ever that great but it looked like he was finally starting to see the light after arriving in Philly a couple of years ago. But their o-line woes started last year and has become atrocious this year. Turnovers are going to happen more frequently as the QB gets hurried, hit and sacked more.

Meachem is a bust. They miss Vincent Jackson. Gates is just not the same but he's still often getting double teamed and he's a complete non-factor now. They never found a replacement for Sproles. Injuries to Royal and Vincent Brown leave them with no slot receiver. Floyd is a nice player but he's a long-strider and Rivers doesn't have time to throw many deep balls this year. With the running game being non-existent, there's really nothing left for the offense though Alexander has really emerged these past couple of weeks. He may become Vincent Jackson-lite for them.

Norv Turner isn't doing Rivers any favors either by constantly calling his trademark slow developing seven-step drop plays. He stubbornly refuses to adapt his playcalling due to the circumstances.

It's just a perfect storm of injures, a crappy o-line, a terrible head coach/playcalling and a QB who feels the pressure of having to do more than he can.
would love to sit down with Edward and see how all this is working out for him
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