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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
I think you give Shanny 1 more year. Based on his past...and on RGIII. I think it would be a mistake not to.

Here are my thoughts on Shanny:

1. He takes over a mediocre Denver Squad and wins 2 Championships in 4yrs (should have been 3..Jax)
2. He tries Griese...then, signs Plummer...he goes to a AFC title game..
3. He starts over, drafts Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, Hillis, Hixon, Kuper...and reboots
4. He gets 1.5yrs...has the #1 rated offense in the NFL...and is fired
5. He goes to WA...gets Grossman....then drafts RGIII...who is a rookie
6. At least give the guy a 3rd year with a 2nd year with RGIII
7. Give Shanny 4-5yrs with any top-tiered QB and look out!!!

***I will always believe Bowlen (dick head Joe Ellis) pulled the plug prematurely...had Shanny received 1 more draft/free agent period to improve the defense and give Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, Hillis one more year....youch!
Well, you forgot the McNabb fiasco, traded a 2nd rounder and a future 3rd for McNabb.

Yeesh, shanny spent 3 first round picks, two second round picks, a 3rd round pick, two FA signings for Beck and Grossman, and a 4th round pick for Kirk Cousins.

And ended up from all that with RG3, Rex Grossman, and Kirk Cousins. And no 1st round picks for the next two years. Yeesh.

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