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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Take this FWIW, but Schefter was on radio here a few weeks back and he thinks the redskins will get relief from some of that penalty.

Speculation is that since Schefter is close to Shanahan, he knows what's going on behind the scenes...

It was a BS penalty. Karma would be for the redskins to make the playoffs and knockout the Giants from the playoffs or better yet beat them out for the NFC East.
Good. They better get serious relief. That was total bull****. The league admitted that they did not violate the CBA, its just that the NFL wanted the owners to collude during hte uncapped year to create a de facto salary cap even though there wasn't one.

Your boy Snyder should let Goodell know that it would be unfortunate if the union started getting leaked evidence of collusion, so rescind the penalty...or else.
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