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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I have no reason to believe Hester was signed here to be a fullback. I assume he's a bigger option that can gain tough yards, pass protect, and grab some balls out of the backfield (hillisesque, in this case, the white-to-white comparison is valid) while contributing on special teams. He may not be activated, but his signing is directly correlated with the fact that we lost a bigger inbetween-the-tackles back.
That's about my take as well. Although, I do belive he'll be active going forward. He's a good Special Teams player so he'll help us out there right a way. I read an article where it said that Fox and Co. put him through the paces on pass protection...and that he past with flying colors. They said he's extremely smart and picks stuff up very quickly. For picking up a guy off the scrap heap during the second half of the season...I think this kid can actually contribute and help us win games. If that turns out to be the case...another feather in Elway's cap!
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