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Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
I've watch enough chargers games this year to see that...the team has plenty of talent. The defense is plenty solid, the running game is better than average...regardless of whether Mathews is in there or not, and they have good enough receivers to get the job done. Not to mention a HOF TE. Phillip Rivers has been absolutely pathetic. Some of the throws he's made are Tebowesk! How many picks has he thrown Looks like another 20+ int year...that's 2 in a row. Say what you want...but, he's regressed big time!
I guess you havent watched enough no matter what you claim. First and foremost, Norv Turner is the biggest problem with the team. The OL is second and is just absolutely horrible.

Our running game isnt good at all. We havent had a 100 yard rusher all year and are 25th in rushing with only 4 rushing TD's,... averaging under 4 YPC when Mathews last year was near 5 YPC . The running game was crap from week 1 of preseason and has never got untracked.

Rivers you can say has regressed but id also say it is in big part because of the OL. He has been sacked 32 times, hurried probably a hundred times and knocked down who knows how many times. He is lucky he isnt hurt to be quite honest.
Gates has only 32 receptions to this point. The top three in receptions this season,.. two are RB's, Floyd is the top guy. Meachum and Royal have been pretty non existant.

When is the last time in years have you seen our offense struggle like it has? Its because of the awful OL. Yes Rivers has been making bad decisions and imo he is trying to hard to make plays whe he shouldnt be throwing some passes. He didnt do that yesterday and didnt have any INT's. Made good decisions but again, he was harrassed all day long.
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